Why invest in UI/UX?

About 95% of internet users believe that user-friendliness is the most essential element of a website or app. Why wait anymore?

We are a trendsetter among the UI/UX design agencies providing the simplest human-screen interactions.

UI design focuses on making a site or app easy to navigate. On the other hand, UX design is all about creating visually pleasing webs and apps that the users find attractive. Both are equally important if you want to offer a seamless experience to the users.

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What We Do

As a well-established web and app development agency, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced UI/UX designers to provide you with a full-scale service. Based on our market research that includes understanding user behaviours thoroughly, we create unique UI/UX strategies for our clients. We focus on branding design during wireframing to make our services fully customized. Before delivering the final product to the clients, we always evaluate it with usability testing.

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Our UI/UX designing services include website design, brochure design, banner design, cover page design, mobile apps design, logo design, social media fan page design and a lot more. Whether you want a full-fledged UI/UX design or either of them, we ensure top-notch service.

  • • User-Centric Design: We know how crucial it is to create a user-centric design and therefore, include professionals who understand what your audiences will prefer.
  • • Brand Centric Approach: While creating user-specific designs to provide complete satisfaction, we also stick to your industrial and company values.
  • • UI Design: Our UI design involves research, analysis, wireframing, diagrams, tools and technologies that are required for providing seamless navigation.
  • • UX Design: Our UX designers are problem solvers who know exactly what your audiences would expect from your digital presence.
Explore our other range of services that are equipped with the latest technologies. We have dedicated teams for each of these services.

Why Choose Us?

We at Broadifi Technologies will bring you a fresh approach towards designing your new website and application that combines some insightful perspectives with the best UI/UX practices. We have been providing UI/UX design services to a huge number of clients from across the globe. Hence, we know how the needs and preferences may vary from brand to brand. Keeping in mind the branding specifications of our different clients, we strive to deliver designs that perfectly align with their brand aesthetics.

As a provider of full-scale UI/UX design services, we do it all from researching the latest designing trends to implying them according to your brand identity. We also make sure that the audiences find these designs appealing, interactive and easy to navigate. Our UI/UX designers love to think visually and implement the ideas through the adverse designing tools and technologies that they truly specialize upon.

Here are some aspects of our UI/UX design services:

  • • Market Research: We initiate our service with thorough research on the latest UI/UX design trends. It helps us to find out some of the best strategies for your online profile.
  • • Competitive Analysis: Our team of designers find out the UI/UX components your competitors are using. By analysing these, we strive to deliver you something better and advanced.
  • • Branding Design: We can provide brand-specific UI/UX design that highlights your brand aesthetics and values. We also offer target specific services such as logo, banner, brochure and cover page design.
  • • Wireframing:Our designers and programmers collaborate during the UI/UX design phase. They discuss the structure of the web or app and finalize only the best designs.
  • • Usability Testing: Before deployment, we always make sure the design is functioning perfectly. Hence, we initiate usability testing and improve the quality whenever needed.
  • • On-Time Delivery: We are always ready with on-time delivery no matter how many projects we have taken up. We believe that a high OTD rate is essential for client satisfaction.
  • • IT Company: As a fully established IT company in Kolkata, we have a prominent frontend technology team to provide software design and software development services.

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