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Accelerate Business Growth with Cloud Hosting and Database Services

Cloud hosting and database has become one of the crucial services that can help you save cost and time while increasing productivity within your company. To help modernize the computing system, you get top quality cloud services from our team of IT experts.

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About our Cloud Hosting and Database Service

For companies that host multiple computing systems, billing surprises are common. The usage can vary depending upon the workload and hence, there might be some point of time when it gets almost impossible to cover. The next concern for businesses is the data transfer technology and security, which needs to be updated as per the industrial needs. If you are facing any of such issues, you need cloud hosting and database services by partnering with us.

We comprise a team of highly skilled and experienced IT experts, who can provide you with the best solution when it comes to cloud hosting and database. There are numerous benefits of cloud databases as well as some challenges. Our experts know the ins and outs of this service and can ensure that you get nothing but the best. Whether you are the owner of a small-scale start-up or a fully flourished brand, cloud hosting and database will help you transfer and organize data in minutes. It will save your time, effort and cost in the long run.

What We Do

MongoDB, Firebase, sql, nosql database, mysql, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud.

Database & Security

The database is an asset to your company, which needs to be optimally protected. Today, you get ample choices when it comes to choosing tools and technologies for database and security. When you partner with us, we provide you with the most suitable ones that cater to your company needs and budget. From access control to auditing, encryption, authentication, integrity controls, app security and backups, we have it all.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud resources can help you save time, effort and budget when you invest in the right tools and services. Our cloud hosting team can help you choose the best solution for all your company needs. As a result, you will get greater flexibility and scalability. Some vital aspects of our cloud hosting service are software update, collaboration, data loss prevention, security and automation.

Explore our other services that will help you to gain a full-scale benefit. Each of these services is provided by dedicated teams from our agency.

Why Choose Us?

We at Broadifi Technologies are one of the pioneers when it comes to providing the latest cloud hosting and database services. Our team of IT experts are continuously researching the modern cloud computing frameworks and data prevention technologies. They have been providing some excellent solutions for companies belonging to multiple industries. We can ensure you with the benefits below when you choose us.

  • • Improved ROI: With AI and automation, you can gradually improve your return on investment.
  • • Lower App Costs: Our cloud hosting service can lower your application costs to a great extent.
  • • Modernized Apps: You will be able to continuously modernize your applications as per the trend.
  • • Better App Management: Our team of experts can help you manage your apps better than others.
  • • Scope for Innovation: We can help you in the process of innovation, which can be your key to success.

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