The JavaScript Language

JavaScript is an easy and lightweight programming language. It is widely used by web and app developers to provide solutions in both front-end and back-end.

What makes it essential?
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Frontend Technology

JavaScript is a powerful tool that helps developers to incorporate rich UI components in front-end web development. It allows the developers to maintain the interactivity of the sites by adding additional functionality.

Overall, there can be extensive use of JavaScript language depending upon the needs and preferences of the companies. One of the biggest advantages of JavaScript is that it allows websites to quickly respond to user activities without reloading a page multiple times. JavaScript is also essential for improving site performances by adding complex dynamic interactions to the sites.

frontend technology
The Best Frontend Technologies
react logo


User Interface

Creating interactive UIs using React is an effortless process. As React updates and renders useful components, the programmers can build highly responsive, faster, and smoother apps.

Ease of Transformation

React Native is a modular and intuitive framework that allows programmers to reuse codes with a single update. Developers prefer this framework particularly for the ease of transformation.

Third-Party Plugins

React Native is maintained by Facebook and hence, it allows third-party plugins. It can be relied upon when it comes to minimizing the workflow and enhancing the app performance.

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Two Way Data Binding

AngularJS comes with two-way data binding, which enables the developers to share data easily during the development phase. This feature works as the best component of prototyping.

Responsive Web

Today, almost every client wants a responsive web design to provide a user experience. Angular comes with some useful components that make front-end responsive web development easier.

MVVM Architecture

The Model, View, ViewModel architecture of Angular helps the programmers to maintain the readability of the source code by fragmenting it into three sections.

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Nuxt Js

Universal Apps

The development process of universal apps gets easier with the help of this framework that minimizes configuration by giving it a simplistic approach, which the developers love.

Automatic Code Splitting

Nuxt.js allows the frontend developers to generate a static version of their sites by aiding them with a Webpack configuration. The framework keeps the JavaScript file small, which makes the overall process very fast.

Auto-Updating Server

Developing with Nuxt.js may seem easy at it provides an auto-updating server. The framework looks for changes and compiles them on behalf of the developers.


The apps developed with Next are highly responsive and can adjust to the screen size of a variety of devices such as smartphones and tabs. Overall, this framework provides a great user experience.

Data Security

Next.js can be used to build static websites that ensure data security. In static websites, the database, user data and dependencies remain detached and safe.

Fast Loadable

Next.js helps the developers to build static websites, which have short load page time. Visitors and consumers prefer these websites more because of the user experience.

vue.js logo

Vue Js

Small Size

As a lightweight framework, Vue.js is very fast to download. After unzipping, the size of this framework is only 18KB. Hence, it offers a smooth development process.

Two-Way Data Binding

Inherited from Angular, the two-way data binding feature present in Vue.js helps the developers to update related components quickly and track all updates easily during front-end programming.


In Vue.js, every part of an application or a website remains as a component. These components can be written in any language without dividing them into separate files.

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React Native

External Tools

While performing repetitive tasks such as building, app testing and bug fixing, React Native allows the frontend developers to use external tools from third-party software.

Rich Ecosystem

Based on JavaScript, React Native gives the developers access to a wide range of tools and libraries that can accelerate the overall development process, ensuring a rich ecosystem.

Speedy Development

One of the main advantages of React Native is that it enables the developers to use one code while creating applications for two platforms, which ultimately speeds up the development process.

Backend Technology

JavaScript, offering a full-stack website and application development, ensures optimum backend use. There are multiple frameworks that the developers use vividly while writing JavaScript in the backend development phase.

JavaScript is a very popular choice for backend development not only because it’s easier than other languages, but also because it enables the developers to come up with some brilliant features in the apps. As one of the most straightforward and convenient languages for backend development, JavaScript ensures that the developers can handle the most complex and cumbersome options. It also ensures that the apps will not become obsolete in the near future.

frontend technology
The Best Backend Technologies
Robust Stack

Node Js has become one of the popular names in the industry as it offers a robust technology stack. It offers higher efficiency and overall developer productivity during backend development.

Fast Processing

Node is faster than most of the backend frameworks because it’s asynchronous and single-threaded. It ensures that the I/O operations of the framework will never block any other operations.


As a lightweight framework, Node Js offers load balancing. For every request, the framework won’t spin up threads like Apache or some other frameworks. This quality makes it highly scalable.

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Easy to Learn

Express Js allows the developers to scale the applications quickly during the backend development phase. With the help of Node.Js, this framework is capable of offering high scalability.


Unlike the other frameworks that offer different language support, Express Js ensures that the developers can reuse the frontend JavaScript codes during backend development.


As a full-stack JavaScript framework, Express Js reduces the cost of hiring multiple programmers who are capable of writing different languages. Instead, a JavaScript programmer can handle it alone.

nest js logo

Nest Js

Modular Structure

This structure makes Nest Js easier to work with as it helps the developers to divide the projects into multiple blocks. The use of external libraries is another advantage of the modular structure of Nest Js.


This feature in Nest Js allows the developers to add types easily to the framework. For this reason, Nest Js is suitable for loosely coupled and testable applications.

Dependency Injection

As an inversion of control technique, dependency injection in Nest Js enables the backend developers to represent an instantiation of dependencies to the runtime system.

hapi js logo

Hapi Js


The plugin system in Hapi Js enables the developers to build modular applications with ease. As the developers can achieve modularity in how they build servers, the process becomes easier.

Easy Testability

Hapi Js provides the backend developers with tutorials on the setup of testing routes. They can use lab and code to test applications in this framework.

Quality Driven Ecosystem

This framework boasts of a rich ecosystem where a collection of apps can be developed and updated in the same environment.

loopback js logo

Loopback Js

Full Stack Development

Loopback Js provides the developers with full-stack development capabilities, which means that they can share the same model with both client and server.

Modular Codes

As an opinionated framework, Loopback Js allows the developers to use the framework’s project architecture to the fullest in developing a structured project.

Built-in ORM

Due to the full-stack architecture of Loopback Js, the backend developers can query the database from clients with the help of filters.

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