About Us

We as Broadifi Technologies started our services in the year 2010, since then we have developed ourselves from a newborn company that had nothing to show off but a blueprint of our plan to a dedicated organization which is providing extraordinary services with a list of thousands of happy customers. But the journey was not at all easy, as the old saying success comes to those who work hard. That’s why we made this company the main priority that helped us to put the best effort out of us. It took hours and hours of sleepless nights, an urge for success and great aspiration finally helped us to reach this height.

But it wasn’t possible if we didn’t have the clients, who believed us on those initial moments and we served them beyond their expectations. That’s why at this very moment we want to thank every client, until now with whom we have to build a strong partnership and helping them to achieve their desired goals. Though we operate from Kolkata our customer base is spread all over the globe starting from the US, UK, Australia, to Italy but the list doesn’t end here.

Are you now willing to know about our services? Don’t worry we have the answer to that. We offer full-stack web development and mobile app development along with digital marketing solutions which facilitates our clients to attain their digital needs in this modern era. Yet one thing didn’t change in these years after our birth and achieving this kind of result that we never lost our focus the focus that drives us to deliver ultimate service to our customers and we really admire that.

Our Vision

Our vision is what separates us from the race as we have a very clear road map in our head that we want to become one of the giants in this competitive Indian as well as the global market scenario. We want to make this world of internet a better place for all the business out there whether it is small or big through our superior quality of services and excellent customer support.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to deliver our clients a proper business ecosystem in which they find themselves to be helped and they achieve their objectives through a proper plan with the help of technology. Unlike other similar kinds of consulting firms, we majorly focus to come up with cost-effective yet innovative web and mobile solutions to our customers. But one thing we always make sure that the customer remains our prime concern and we are ready to put that extra effort to bring the best out of us. Because we are concerned to build a lifelong relationship with our clients that eventually help both of us in the long run.

Our Commitment

We know inefficiency has become a tag line for some companies on the internet and there are a lot of those. But, we are an organization build-out of successful commitments because we know what responsibilities actually mean. We are fully committed to our client’s needs their objectives and always up to deliver the projects undertaken before the deadline. We always greet those small modification requests with open arms that come in the last moments if that satisfies our customers. 

 Besides this, we also try to provide the best possible working environment for our employees because they are the driving force of our company. We have thousands of happy customers on our list and looking forward to adding you to that list too. So, hold our hands and let your business experience what the internet can do for it to excel.

Our Strenghts


Quality is something that Broadifi Technologies always aims at. We will always provide high quality and innovative work. We always believe in providing the best and that is what we do when a customer comes in for assistance.


Today we are standing out because of one major reason- our passion for the job. Providing web solution is not our profession, it’s the passion that every individual in our company has in common.



Every business’s success depends on the customer, therefore, we keep our clients in the topmost priority. Our goal is to give the best solution for the provided work and persuade them to return whenever further web solutions are required.



We will never take advantage of the client’s naive of technology. We always try to give them the best solution with full honesty which will ultimately benefit them and their business.


Meet Our Team

Suman Mallik

Founder & Director

Sunil Kr. Samanta

Director & MongoDB NodeJS Expert

Sajal Jana

HTML, AngularJS Developer

Shrestha Mallik

Business Development Executive

Rajdip Mandol

Angular Expert

Rajdeep Barman

React Expert

Sakabda Das

Jr. Angular Developer

Tithi Dutta

Jr. Angular Developer

Jyotirmoy Das

Sr. Graphic Designer

Debleena Chakraborty

Jr. HTML Developer

Asmita Biswas

Jr. NodeJS Developer

Sourav Pal

Jr. NodeJS Developer

Rakesh Modak

JavaScript Trainee

May Be You

WEB Expert

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